refueling infrastructure for hydrogen vehicles

get there with hydrogen – easy and clean

In cooperation with our partners we offer solutions for:

  • Hydrogen refueling stations with hydrogen production on site
  • Hydrogen refueling stations with delivery of hydrogen
  • Plants for the production of hydrogen from renewable energy sources
  • Transportation and storage solutions.

The reference project of a hydrogen refueling station shown here by way of example is able to fill 20 fuel cell buses with hydrogen per day.

component technical description
compressor unit
  • Multi-threaded, redundant
  • Lubrication-free reciprocating compressors
  • 30-500 bar
high pressure accumulator (Type IV)
  • Over 1,000 kg of hydrogen at 500 bar
  • Stationary storage
  • Passive fueling (i.e. without compressor) via overflow
dispenser unit
  • Dispensers in the building
  • Detection, whether bus or car refueling
Ümit Can
Ümit CanHead of Covalion