“Smart Grid Solar” in bavaria

base for sustainible know-how

In the Arzberg pilot project, the company has installed a complete system solution for storing energy. An electrolyzer converts the electricity of a solar park into hydrogen, a fuel cell takes over the reconversion. Both components demonstrate their industrial applicability. In addition, Covalion is using the project for a first practical test of the innovative LOHC (Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier) technology: The hydrogen is here added to a carrier liquid for better storing properties. The company also draws back on its decades of experience in the construction of large-scale power plants and the associated skills and resources. It is therefore predestined both as a reliable component supplier and as a system integrator for projects. Covalion technically ensures the interaction of the individual components of a complete system and coordinates several project partners.

Compound Accomplished tests (excerpt)
(75 kW)
  • Smoothing unsteady photovoltaic feed-in profiles
  • Efficiency under partial load
  • Combination of short-term and long-term storage components
LOHC long term storage
(300 L)
  • Performance
  • Cycle stability LOHC
  • Degradation LOHC
  • Technology field test (TRL 7)
Fuel cell
(5 kW)
  • Virtual feed extension
  • Dynamics of the PEM fuel cell
  • Combination of short-term and long-term storage components
Dr.- Ing Ümit Can
Dr.- Ing Ümit CanHead of Covalion
H2 Projects & Battery Storage